Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Viva Macau plans flights to Hawaii and Russia 非凡航空計劃飛往夏威夷 / 俄羅斯 (非凡航空计划飞往夏威夷 / 俄罗斯)

Low-cost airline Viva Macau, said Thursday that it will plan to start flights to Hawaii and Russia. Once the plan is proceed, this will become the first Asian low-fare carrier to express interest in flying to the two destinations. Moreover, the carrier is also planning flights to northeast Asia, including destinations like Japan and South Korea, as well as Australia (Sydney), the Middle East, and Europe, the airline's chief executive, Andrew Pyne, said. The airline has started a number of routes including Macau-Jakarta, Macau-Sydney.

Source : www.visitmaldives.com
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