Tuesday, 2 October 2007

21st Macau International Music Festival 第二十一屆澳門國際音樂節 (第二十一届澳门国际音乐节)

The 26-days Macau International Music Festival will start from 5-31 October 2007. It will features many internationally recognised music ensembles including the Russian National Orchestra, Berlin Trio, Vienna Boys Choir and Ominart Trio from Italy. Furthermore, three performances from Opera Australia will be held in Macau from 5-7 October 2007 at the Macau Cultural Centre. This will be their first time performed in Asia.

第二十一屆澳門國際音樂節將於10月5日至31日舉行, 屆時將上演共計23場17套不同品類的節目. 來自多個國家和地區的藝術團體和藝術家將演出歌劇音樂劇《油脂》, 無伴奏合唱《聖堂天經》, 音樂會《澳門情懷》等。

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