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Macau Convention & Exhibition Developments, venues and facilities 澳門會展介紹, 會展場地, 會展設施 (澳门会展介绍, 会展场地, 会展设施)


The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel will offer 100,000 square meters (1,000,000 square feet) of flexible convention and exhibition facilities. It can easily accommodate events of any size.


位於威尼斯人娛樂場側的威尼斯人綜合館是全澳最大的單一室內活動場館, 可容納15,000人的威尼斯人綜合館。


A-C三個廳設於下層 (面積約37,315平方米), D-F三個廳設於上層 (面積約37,367平方米),六個廳同時可合計提供約74,682平方米的展覽面積。

宴會中心適合舉辦各種商務會議、發布會及招待會等, 分三樓層合共提供約15,223平方米活動空間。

地面下層設有「維羅納」、「都靈」、「卡布裡」三個中型宴會廳, 地面樓層分為「那不勒斯」、「西西裡」、「佛羅倫斯」、「米蘭」四個中型宴會廳, 地面及地面下層宴會廳均可分間成多個小型會議室, 地面層設有4間行政會議室, 兩個樓層7個宴會廳最多可提供92間小型會議室。上層設有場內最大的獨立式宴會廳面積達6,500平方米的「威尼斯人宴會廳。威尼斯人宴會廳更可分間成12間中型會議室。

地址: 路氹金光大道
電話: (+853) 2888 3311


The Conference Centre provides the perfect location for events with facilities include:

  • Grand Hall divisible into 8 rooms to cater to conferences and seminars
  • The Banquet Hall is suitable for every corporate and private occasions
  • Accommodates up to 1,600 people for a seminar
  • Seats up to 1,000 people for banqueting
  • Unique open terrace to host cocktail parties and intimate gatherings
  • Professional team to cater for all events

The Theatre is an impressive venue for business engagements, seminars and performing arts, and ideal for both formal and informal occasions.

  • Auditorium for presentations and seminars for up to 500 people
  • Simultaneous interpretation facilities enabling parallel translation in 3 languages
  • Large and versatile stage area with the latest lighting and audio-visual equipment
The Exhibition Hall caters for almost every type of function.
  • Accommodates up to 100 standard display booths
  • Suitable for a variety of events including trade fairs and exhibitions
(Info Source : by Macau Tower Convention and Exhibition Center)

位於澳門旅遊塔會展娛樂中心, 會展中心包括可容納2,000人的大廳, 580人的豪華宴會廳, 1,800平方米的展覽大廳, 配備可同時傳譯4種語言的同聲傳譯系統之500座位的劇院

*) 大禮堂可分為八間活動房,以供不同的會議及座談需要。
*) 囍宴廳適合舉辦各類型的企業或私人宴會。可舉辦千人宴會,筵開近百席。
*) 可容納多達1,600人的會議。
*) 設有獨特的露天平台舉辦雞尾酒會或親朋聚會同樣合適。
*) 客戶服務隊。



電話: (+853) 8988 8883
傳真: (+853) 2896 8325


Macau Fisherman’s Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre is located at the basement level of the Aqua Romanis Shopping Center. The Convention and Exhibition Centre features a total area of 5,000 sq m, with a 2,787 sq m pillar-less design and 6.4m high ceiling Main Hall can accommodate up to 168 round tables or 3,600 guests in standing style.

The Main Hall can be conveniently sub-divided into 3 sections with separate entrances, the 111 sq m built-in stage, together with a full range of cutting edge audio & visual technology are in place to serve various type of performances and shows.

To cope with other meeting and banquet needs, there are also 5 multi-function rooms, when connected together, can accommodate up to 60 round tables. Another special feature of the Convention & Exhibition Centre is the 1,300 sq m themed designed pre-function area. There are two special designed VIP rooms which give direct and private access to the car park, allowing special arrangements for important guests.

(Info Source : by Macau Fisherman’s Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre)

會議展覽中心位於寶石迷宮購物中心地庫, 設有佔地2,787平方米波斯風格、無柱設計的多元化會展大堂。會展大堂可容納168圓桌的餐宴或3,500賓客的酒會, 亦可劃分為三個獨立宴會廳


電話: (853) 8299 3106
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