Thursday, 18 October 2007

Economist : GDP growth for Macau this year will surplus 30% 澳門今年經濟增長料達30% (澳门今年经济增长料达30%)

Economist from Wang Heng Bank estimated this year Macau GDP will grow roughly around 30% and the trend will continue for next year. Next year GDP will raise up to 35% due to the construction booms happen in Macau and with the increase high purchasing power.

永亨銀行財富管理部經濟師彭藹嬈預計今年澳門全年GDP經濟增長料達30%, 明年GDP將攀升至35%。今年通脹將料達5.7%, 明年逾6%。主要因為居民消費力增強, 大興土木刺激經濟迅速增長。