Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Immigration or apply for permenant residency in Macau 申請澳門永居的條件 (申请澳门永居的条件)

There are 4 categories for Macao Residency Application, including:

* Foreign investors currently engaged in industries of manufacturing, services, hotels or similar industries.

* Potential foreign investors who have plan to invest in industrial units, service industries, hotel industries or similar industries

* Investment in fixed assets or other tangible productive assets (such as investment in real estate property)

* Technical or "talent" immigrants - Management staff and professional technicians, other related professions.

Criteria for investment in fixed assets

The criteria for investment in fixed assets is that the investment should not be less than MOP1 million (about USD125,000), this criteria will be change soon or in the near future. As for today, the most popular form of investment in Macau is the acquisition of real estate of not less than MOP1 million. This investment should be by way of fund transferred from a country outside Macau and the relative bank loan, if any, should not be obtained in Macau or from a bank in Macau and that the real estate is free from any mortgage or charge.

The Macau SAR will not accept any application from applicants who hold passports issued by Mainland China.

1、申請者必須在澳門購買價錢不低於一百萬澳門元不動產, 還須在澳門擁有不少於50萬澳門元的銀行定期存款;

没有大專學歷, 或隻有高中等同高中學歷,則必須符合以下一項條件:

b.具備不少於二年經營商業企業, 或在商業企業擔任高級管理職務的經驗;
c.為已設於澳門特別行政區的商業企業的全資, 或不低於百分之五十一資本的擁有人。