Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Motor World Macau 澳門國際名車薈 (澳门国际名车荟)

Over 20 prestigious vehicle brands have already confirmed their participation on the first luxury and super-car show will be held in Venetian Macao Convention & Exhibition Centre from 16 -18 November 2007, and the show will take place simultaneously with the 54th Macau Grand Prix.

This first year motor world show will feature high performance vehicles including luxury sports utility cars, super cars and professional racing cars. There will be a Wine Zone besides the show where visitors can also entitled to enter a daily lucky draw with total prizes valued at over HK$100,000.

The admission fee for the show is just MOP$60 (US$8). Tickets are available from China Travel Service (HK) Ltd. and Kong Seng Ticketing Service.

澳門威尼斯人會展中心將於2007年11月16至18日主辦的首個港澳超級車展「澳門國際名車薈」, 展出超過70款來自20多個世界級汽車品牌的名車。名車薈正值第54屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車‚„ƒ‚„ƒ。

目前已有超過20個世界級汽車品牌報名參展, 這是一個高檔次的消費品展覽會,同時為澳門多姿多采的娛樂節目錦上添花。由ASC聖皮爾葡萄酒有限公司贊助的「悅酒坊」, 讓觀眾安坐一角,品嚐來自世界多個著名酒莊的佳釀。試酒會將每天舉行。


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