Thursday, 18 October 2007

The second ferry terminal opened on Taipa 氹仔北安臨時客運碼頭落成 (氹仔北安临时客运码头落成)

Macau’s second ferry terminal was opened Tuesday. The new terminal on Taipa is being built to receive boats with up to 1,200 passengers and the existing facility can deal with boats with capacity for up to 400 people. Currently there aren't any jets coming into operation yet. There are two companies to operate in this new Taipa ferry terminal, Dragão Gigante Transportes Marítimos, a Hong Kong-Macau consortium and Cotai Water Jets Macau, part-owned by the Las Vegas Sands casino group. This new terminal was built because due to the sharp increase in visitors and congestion at the existing terminal.

This new ferry terminal will be fully operational in 2009 and location of this terminal is close to the Macau’s international airport, next to the famous Cotai Strip.

According to Macauhub, the total visitor numbers arriving by sea in the first eight months of 2007 reach 5.754 million, up 14.6 percent in a year-on-year comparison. A total of 318,826 visitors arrived at Macau’s interior port, 53.7 percent of these from mainland China.



客運碼頭位於澳門氹仔北安新填海區, 預計整體工程於2009年竣工。總造價兩億一千八百萬元。北安客運碼頭提供來往澳門至香港、珠三角地區之高速客輪服務。