Thursday, 1 November 2007

List of Hospitals and Healthcares in Macau 澳門所有醫院, 醫療衛生中心分佈一覽 (澳门所有医院, 医疗卫生中心分佈一览)

Macau is served by three major public hospitals, including one public, one private hospital and another one hospital which is located within the university. But none of these Macau hospitals are independently assessed through international healthcare accreditation. There are also numerous health centers providing free basic medical care to all the residences in Macau.

Currently there are no western style medical schools in Macau. Therefore doctors have to obtain their education and qualification elsewhere. For the nurses, they can be trained at Macau Polytechnic Institute and the Kiang Wu Nursing College.

A list of hospitals in Macau:

* Hospital Conde S. Januário
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* Hospital Kiang Wu
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* Macau University of Science and Technology Hospital (also known as MUST Hospital)
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(The yellow and brown color building at the bottom)

A list Healthcare centers:

* Macau Oriental Health Center(Tap Seac)
* North Health Center(Fai Chi Kei)
* Areia Preta Health Center
* Porto Interior Health Center
* S. Lourenço Health Center
* Taipa Health Center
* Coloane Health Center


澳門有公立醫院、私立醫院、衛生中心及私家診所, 還有不少中醫師。

1) 澳門仁伯爵綜合醫院
電話:2831 373

2) 澳門鏡湖醫院
電話:2837 1333

3) 澳門科技大學醫院

1) 塔石衛生中心
2) 筷子基衛生中心
3) 黑沙環衛生中心
4) 下環衛生中心
5) 氹仔衛生中心
6) 路環衛生中心