Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Philippe Genty Company Presents "Land's End" 「天地終結時」菲臘.尚狄木偶劇團澳門文化中心綜合劇院獻上 (「天地终结时」菲腊.尚狄木偶剧团澳门文化中心综合剧院献上)

Philippe Genty Company has been presenting inspired and original work that merges visual and physical theatre with dance and puppetry for the last 30 years. This French company's latest production of "Land's End", which is currently touring Asia, in a journey recurrent surprising, funny, and sometimes disturbing and its rich colours and shapes always fascinate.

Time: 4 Jan 8:00 p.m.
Venue: Grand Auditorium, Macau Cultural Centre, Av. Xian Xing Hai, s/n, NAPE
Admission: MOP$250, 190, 140, 80
Organizer: Macau Cultural Centre
Telephone enquiries: 2870 0699
Duration: Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes (without intermission)
This performance contains scenes of a sexual nature which some parents may consider unsuitable for younger children. Recommended for audiences aged 13 or above.

法國「菲臘.尚狄木偶劇團」的巡演劇《天地終結時》, 成為日本、香港以及澳門的舞台焦點。 劇中一對情人的零碎故事片段讓觀眾追隨他倆走到天地終結時。 「菲臘.尚狄木偶劇團」將於澳門文化中心綜合劇院獻上最新力作《天地終結時》。

「菲臘.尚狄木偶劇團」(Philippe Genty Company)30年來無間斷推出靈氣逼人的原創劇作, 表演揉合了舞蹈和木偶戲, 將視覺劇場和形體劇場結合。 身穿長衣的男人從《瑪格利特》(Magritte)的層疊帆布裡冒出, 人面巨蟲從地下浮現, 一只龐然大手四處轉動覆蓋了台上的演員。

地點:澳門文化中心綜合劇院 / 冼星海大馬路
票價:澳門幣$250, 190, 140, 80
查詢電話:2870 0699
演出約長1小時30分鐘 (不設中場休息)