Friday, 28 March 2008

O Porto Interior Restaurant 內港餐廳 (内港餐厅)

Located on the Inner Harbour, O Porto Interior Restaurant serves some of the best Portuguese and Macanese food in Macau. Therefore, visitors will expect to have dishes from meat, fish and chicken cooked in rich sauces and served with salads. The interior design of the restaurant décor with arched windows, brick floor and decorative stone pillars.

Main dishes of O Porto Interior Restaurant range from Macanese curry crab, Macanese garlic king prawns to African chicken, black pepper steak, and minchi. There is a good selection of wines

Opening Hours : Daily noon-11:30pm
Address : Rua do Almirante Sergio, 259B, Macau
Tel : 28967770

融合中西文化特色的內港餐廳, 與鄰近具有四百多年歷史的媽祖古廟及海事博物館隻有500米的距離。 外牆設計富有南歐色彩, 悅目的黃色牆身配以歐洲特色的門窗。 餐廳內的裝橫完全結合了中葡風格, 有南歐的高雅、特別,牆上很多名人、明星的簽名照片這些都是葡國特有的裝飾品, 更特別的是南歐設計風格中加入了中國的元素。

推介: 葡式焗鴨飯, 燒馬介休, 白雪金沙, 羊腰扒, 面包海鮮湯, 葡式炒蜆