Monday, 21 April 2008

Amigo at Riviera Hotel 濠璟酒店亞米高餐廳 (濠璟酒店亚米高餐厅)

Amigo at Riviera Hotel is a coffee shop style restaurant with an European setting. Both distinguished Chinese and Western delicacies are served here, and special buffet will be serve here during weekends.

Address : Riviera Hotel, Rau Comendador Kou Ho Neng, Macau
Tel : 28339955

濠璟酒店亞米高餐廳是一間咖啡餐廳, 餐廳全天供應各式特色中式和西式美食。

地址: 下環高可寧紳士街7-13號濠璟酒店地庫
電話: 2833-9955