Monday, 21 April 2008

Antica Trattoria 經典意大利餐廳 (经典意大利餐厅)

Antica Trattoria restaurant serves excellent Italian cuisine in a lovely and comfortable environment. The restaurant has a simple and pleasant interior design which creates a cozy and homey atmosphere. The menu features a decent variety of delicacies to choose from, with many different types of pizza, pastas, meat dishes and steaks.

Address : Avenida Sir Anders Ljungstedt No. 40, 42, e 46, Edificio Vista Magnifica Court, R/C e 1 andar, Macau
Tel: 28755102

經典意大利餐廳開放式廚房設計, 可讓顧客一睹經典意大利名菜烹調過程, 如傳統意大利比薩、沙拉、自製意大利麵及其他意大利南部的正宗菜式。 招牌菜包括意大利蘑菇及白松露菌薄餅, 松露菌汁扒意大利蘑菇。

地址: 澳門倫斯泰特大馬路40,42及46號帝景苑地下及1樓
電話: 28755102