Friday, 25 April 2008

Mother's Day Tri-Generation Abalone Gala at Venetian Macau 澳門威尼斯人推豪華母親節套餐 (澳门威尼斯人推豪华母亲节套餐)

From May 1 to May 11, 2008, guests will be able to get a taste of the world’s famous “Master Yeung Koon Yat” abalone feast at Canton restaurant. The menu highlights include braised delux supreme shark’s fin in rich brown sauce, braised 20 head abalone with goose web, deep fried crispy chicken, stir-fried vegetables in abalone sauce, master chef's famous fried rice, as well as slow-brewed bird’s nest in almond juice. The feast is priced at MOP3,280 per person (Price subject to 10% service charge).

Venetian will also offer a premium package for six at the Mother's Day.

Price : $338,000

The Premium Package includes:
* Two night stay for six guests in the Palazzo Suite
* In-suite daily breakfast for six
* CotaiJet™ round trip tickets in the privacy of a VIP cabin
* VIP round trip limousine car transfer between pier and hotel
* Special abalone dinner cooked by Master Yeung Koon Yat for a maximum of six in your cozy Palazzo Suite
* Special private consultation session at our signature V SPA
* Personal assistance at The Grand Canal Shoppes
* Exclusive Mother's Day gifts from Optica: two pairs of exclusive eyewear from Optica - Elegante and Luxuriator by Franco, both glasses are diamond and gold-inlaid fashionable glasses combined prices worth around HKD200,000
* A romantic Gondola Ride for six along our signature Grand Canal
* Flower bouquets for two-generation mothers

澳門威尼斯人度假村酒店“喜粵”中菜館推介價值三十三萬八千元的“母親節獻禮——三代同享鮑翅饗宴”, 貴客可以在只供尊貴客人享用, 澳門威尼斯人最頂級的Palazzo(御匾會)套房內享用著名廚師楊貫一親自炮製的多款鮑魚美饌包括以傳統古法配合木炭和砂鍋烹調的日本岩手縣頂級吉品鮑魚, 阿一金輝魚翅, 杏汁燉官燕。和入住Palazzo套房兩晚。


* 六位客人在澳門威尼斯人®最頂級不對外開放Palazzo套房住宿兩晚
* 在房內享用六份早餐
* 乘金光飛航™貴賓房往來香港和澳門氹仔
* 豪華轎車由碼頭到澳門威尼斯人®來回接送
* 世界御廚楊貫一在您下榻的Palazzo 套房親自為您下廚鮑魚豪門宴
* V水療中心水療和美體療程
* 特別助理導覽超過350個國際品牌的大運河購物中心
* 母親節禮物: Optica獨有的Elegante 和Luxuriator by Franco各一副總值約$200,000
* 貢多拉船六人行
* 為母親獻上花