Monday, 21 April 2008

Don Alfonso 1890 at Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino 新葡京酒店當奧豐素1890 (新葡京酒店当奥丰素1890)

Pic Source : nextmedia

Located at the Lisboa Grand Hotel and Casino, Don Alfonso 1890 is decorated in lush style with lavish use of dark red, even in the Venetian glass chandeliers. There are private banquet rooms off to the side for larger parties. World famous chef Alfonso Iaccarino - that has won two stars in the famed Michelin Guide, presides over this Macau version of his generations old restaurant in Italy.

Alfonso Iaccarino believes in using the freshest local ingredients raised without chemicals or preservatives, virtually all of the food prepared in his kitchens, including many of the ingredients used in Macau come from his farm in Italy - “Le Peracciole.” Chef Iaccarino’s handmade pasta is prepared without eggs following Southern Italian tradition.

Address : Level 3, Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino, 2-4 Avenida de Lisboa, Macau
Tel : 88037722

位於新葡京酒店的當奧豐素1890意式料理, 餐廳富麗堂皇的裝潢運用了大量的深紅色以及裝有盡顯豪華氣派的意大利玻璃大吊燈。 配置方式營造出舒適愜意的氣氛。 餐廳兩旁有獨立的宴會廳可用作舉辦大型宴會。

由世界級名廚Alfonso Iaccarino坐鎮的當奧豐素1890意式料理, Alfonso Iaccarino在家鄉意大利所經營的義大利餐廳曾獲得米之連兩顆星的評價, 而「當奧豐素1890意式料理」則是這世代相傳老店的澳門版。 Alfonso Iaccarino 堅持採用栽培過程中未使用農藥或防腐劑, 且最新鮮的有機食材, 因此幾乎所有廚房中的材料包括許多澳門專用的材料都遠從其設於意大利的農場─Le Peracciole運送過來。 這裡的手工意大利麵完全依照意大利南方的傳統, 在製作過程中不使用雞蛋。

地址: 中區葡京路2-4號新葡京酒店3層
電話: 88037722