Monday, 21 April 2008

Imperial Court at MGM Macau 澳門美高梅金殿 - 金殿堂中餐廳 (澳门美高梅金殿 - 金殿堂中餐厅)

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Run by the celebrated chef from Hong Kong, Chow Chong, who not only retains the unique features of traditional Chinese cuisine. It also blends in creative and healthy new concepts to create a varied menu of delicious and healthy dishes.

The aristocratic décor at the Imperial Court include the dragon pillars symbolizing Chinese tradition in the main hall. The restaurant has a number of VIP rooms and each of which with its own distinct appearance. The food itself besides Cantonese cuisine, the restaurant also serves a plethora of dishes from other provinces, including the cuisines of Huaiyang and Beijing.

Famous Lunchtime dimsum include the Steamed Vegetables, Mushroom Dumplings, Chicken and Mushroom Baked in Pastry and Chilled Pudding in Cantonese style. The restaurant has improved upon a number of old-style dishes to reflect both the uniqueness of traditional hand crafted foods. This includes the restaurant's improved version of Barbecued Goose Liver, Pork Skewers delivers a rich flavour with a crispy texture, using mushrooms, pork and expensively imported French liver.

The restaurant also offers one of the four most famous dishes in Hainanese cuisine - Marinated Sliced Lamb Belly, and Chef Chow Chong's signature dish – Double-boiled Shark’s Fin in Papaya.

Address : MGM Grand Macau, Lote A do Quarteirão B2 da Zona B, Nape, Macau
Tel : 8802 8888

澳門美高梅金殿的金殿堂中餐廳是由香港著名的中廚周中師傅主理, 餐廳炮製多款美味、健康及高貴兼備菜式, 保留傳統中菜的特色同時更融合創意和健康的理念。

金殿堂的大廳正中的龍柱象徵中國傳統, 備有多間裝修各有特色的貴賓房。 菜式除廣東菜兼有外省菜式, 淮揚菜, 北京菜, 選擇多元化。

午市特色點心包括玉蘭香菇餃、蜂巢雞粒酥及香芋蘆薈糕。 金殿堂小菜方面將多款懷舊菜式加以改良, 包括改良版的吊燒鵝肝金錢雞, 選用磨菇, 豬肉及貴價法國鵝肝入饌。 海南島四大名菜之一的東山羊在這裡亦可以品嚐得到。 其他菜式包括用上等一級頭抽醃製的一品脆燒雞, 還有周中師傅的招牌菜─萬壽果燉金山勾翅。

地址: 新口岸孫逸仙大馬路澳門美高梅金殿貴賓大堂地下(L1層)
電話: 8802-2538