Monday, 21 April 2008

Kira at Altira Macau Hotel and Casino 澳門新濠鋒(皇冠)吉良 (澳门新濠锋(皇冠)吉良)


Kira at Crown Macau Hotel and Casino offers guests a contemporary approach to Japanese dining. Chef Hiroshi Kagata from Japan, meticulously selects only the finest ingredients imported directly from Japan, from the freshest seafood selection to the finest cuts of wagyu beef.

The dramatic landscape was created by world-renowned designers Hashimoto Yukio and David Sung. It presents a multifaceted dining experience to all the guests. There is a tranquil pond encircles the restaurant, lending a mystical atmosphere to the distinctive Japanese-style garden pavilions.

Address : 10/F, Crown Macau, Avenida de Kwong Tung, Taipa
Tel : 2886 8868

澳門新濠鋒吉良 - 柔和的低置照明, 營造高雅的環境, 以不平凡的烹調方法呈獻新派日式佳餚。 吉良的主廚浩加賀田 (Hiroshi Kagata) 為炮製美食。 從日本直接入口的頂級食材, 從最新鮮的海產至鮮嫩的頂級和牛均運用了巧手的廚藝。 世界知名設計師 Hashimoto Yukio & David Sung 為吉良創造了與別不同的裝潢佈置。

地址: 氹仔廣東大馬路澳門新濠鋒酒店10樓
電話: 2886 8868