Monday, 21 April 2008

Metropole European Restaurant 京都酒店京都歐式風味餐廳 (京都酒店京都欧式风味餐厅)

The European Restaurant on the 1st floor of the Metropole Hotel, provides guests with an exquisite atmosphere together with various outstanding dishes of French and Portuguese cuisines.

Address : Level 2, Metropole Hotel, Avenida Praia Grande 493-501
Tel : 28570231

京都歐式風味餐廳位於酒店的第一層, 餐廳用餐環境優雅, 提供各種特色的法式和葡萄牙風味菜色。

地址: 中區南灣大馬路493-501號京都酒店2樓
電話: 28570231