Monday, 28 April 2008

Oceanus Project Cancelled 海神綜合中心項目計劃取消 (海神综合中心项目计划取消)

Stanley Ho decide not to construct the Oceanus project. It will be a replace by a smaller scale development, and this will not be affect by the government announcement of a freeze on new casinos since the application for the new development has already been submitted with the government.

“I Stanley Ho will not agree with the Oceanus project, I think too big, too much, we can not operate such a huge project involving so many factors,” Stanley Ho said.

“It may be a good idea from the start but it doesn't work, I am giving up this project and I think the government is supporting me 100 percent.”

The current site of Jai Alai casino and New Yaohan department store will be redevelop shortly, and construction expected to begin as early as June when the New Yaohan move to the new site near Nam Van Lake.