Sunday, 18 May 2008

[Completed] 澳門世界貿易中心 (澳门世界贸易中心) - Macau World Trade Center 19F

物業 : 澳門世界貿易中心 (Macau World Trade Center)
地址 : 澳門友誼大馬路918號
物業座數 : 1座
物業層數 : 19層
設施 : 樓高超過五米並設有固定舞台的蓮花廳,可容納430人劇院式及200人課室形的會議服務;而面積131.69平方米的澳門廳則可容納80人劇院式及40人課室形的會議服務。 此外,中心還設置一個內置即時傳譯房的行政會議室,其大型鵝蛋形會議檯及26 張真皮扶手椅正好配合高層會議之用。其它會議輔助設施包括閒座長廊,小型隔音會議室及可容納60 人雅致及舒適的餐廳。 秘書、 翻譯及尋找商貿資料服務、短期辦公室租賃服務;私人會所、健身中心、貿易畫廊及上網咖啡廊等設施, 活動統籌服務。科技設備及服務包括即時傳譯系統、內置高解像度投影機、3.6米x4.8米的熒幕、電視影像會議以及於活動或會議前及期間提供技術支援等 (Source : Macau Government Tourism Office)。

Property Name : Macau World Trade Center
Address : 918, Avenida da Amizade, Macau
Number of Building : 1
Number of Floors : 19
Facilities : The 372m2 Lotus Room, which has a ceiling height of over 5 meters, has a permanent stage and can accommodate up to 430 persons in a theatre setting and 200 in a classroom setting, while the 131.69m2 Macau Room has the capacity for 80 and 40 respectively. An Executive Board Room features built-in SI cabin and an oval table with a maximum of 26 leather armchairs. Lounges, private and smaller meeting rooms are available as support facilities, as is a cozy restaurant that can seat a maximum of 60 persons. From secretarial to translation services, from trade to business information, all is available under our roof and supported by short-term office facilities. WTC Macau also owns and manages a private Business Club, Health & Fitness Club, a gallery as well as an Internet Café. WTC Macau also offers services in the area of Event Management. WTC Macau prides itself with the range of professional in-house conference equipment such as Simultaneous Interpretation systems, built-in and mobile high-resolution projectors, and a 3.6m by 4.8m screen, just to name a few. Technical support is offered before and during events to ensure the smooth operation of every conference and meeting (Source : Macau Government Tourism Office).

Pic Source : Travel Blog