Thursday, 5 June 2008

Shun Tak acquired new site at Nam Van 信德集團購入澳門南灣用地 (信德集团购入澳门南湾用地)

Shun Tak said it has acquired a new site in Nam Van, the new site is adjacent to the current project ‘Harbour Mile’. It costs $3.1 billion purchase from the third party. This will be the last few pieces of land available to develop within the waterfront area in Macau.

The property is worth MOP $4.049 billion dollar, with a size of 1.6 million square foot.

信德集團以31.45億元,向第三者購入澳門南灣逾160萬平方呎建築面積地盤用作興建住宅。信德集團計劃將與該公司擁有的另一南灣地盤 - '南灣海岸' 合併發展建設為綜合發展項目。地盤按獨立估值師估值為40.49億港元。