Monday, 14 July 2008

Jaguar XF launch in Macau 積架XF澳門發佈會 (积架XF澳门发佈会)


Jaguar marked the launch of the new XF 4.2 SC at the Macau Tower Convention and Exhibition center.

About Jaguar XF
- Length 195.3 in (4961 mm), Width 73.9 in (1877 mm), Height 57.5 in (1461 mm)
- Three petrol engines are available, all carried over in modified form from the S-Type
- No cloth interior option, also use of pale-blue backlighting to the instruments, switchgear, and around major control panels.

積架汽車(澳門)有限公司假澳門觀光塔四樓舉辦了的首發會。 首演的積架汽車是XF 4.2 SC型號, 予人高貴兼高科技集於一身的感覺。 車廂依然保留積架房車的五座位傳統。

關於積架XF 4.2 SC
- 車身全長4961mm, 闊1877mm, 軸距達2909mm
- 車身後窗的斜背輪廓取材自XK跑車
- 採用Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD)來設計整架車的車身
- 車身的前、後軸提升力也達到「零」水平
- 轉波用的JaguarDrive Selector採用扭擰操作, 駕駛者只需用手指扭動到適當的波段便可開車
- 應用嶄新的Pedestrian Contact Sensing System