Saturday, 5 July 2008

Macau and Singapore issue joint stamps for the first time 澳門聯合新加坡發行《地道美食》郵票 (澳门联合新加坡发行《地道美食》邮票)

Singapore Post and Macau Post issued joint stamps for the first time here on the 4th July. The stamps will be sell at the Singapore Food Festival, and in Macau on the same day on 4th July.

The stamps
featured popular dishes from both Singapore and Macau. It came out in four stamps in MOP $1.5 and 4 stamps in MOP $3.5, where each stamp depict a famous dish of either Singapore or Macau. A miniature sheet showing Macau's clay pot rice and Singapore's chilli crab.

he stamps featured Macanese food including crispy fried chicken, Yangzhou fried rice, Carne de Porco a Alentejana (meat stew) and grilled codfish slices, with Singapore's famous dishes including Hainanese chicken rice, laksa, roti prata and satay.

澳門郵政7月4日下午3點在澳門陸軍俱樂部第一次聯合新加坡郵政, 一起發行一套以“地道美食”為題材新郵品。 這套郵品會在新加坡美食節期間在新加坡郵政櫃台發售。 郵票一套八枚 (郵票面值1.50元4枚、3.50元4枚。同時推出小型張1枚,小型張內含面值5元2枚) 售價澳門幣二十元, 連郵票首日封售價澳門幣二十四元五角, 連小型張首日封售價澳門幣十四元五角, 連郵票資料單張售價澳門幣二十五元及連小型張資料單張售價澳門幣十五元。

郵票展示了澳門地道菜肴「揚州炒飯」、「炸子雞」、「葡式燴豬肉」和「馬介休」, 新加坡美食「海南雞飯」、「叻沙」、「印度煎餅」和「沙爹」, 小型張上兩枚郵票美食分別為澳門的「煲仔飯」和新加坡的「辣椒螃蟹」。

Pic Source : 網絡報