Thursday, 28 August 2008

Japan Fuji Television spotlight shines on Macau cuisine 日本富士電視台介紹澳門美食 (日本富士电视台介绍澳门美食)

Natsuko Sone
Pic Source : twbbs

Japan's Fuji Television began filming a show about a young Japanese woman - Natsuko Sone, who loves to eat, and her experiences in some of Macau's best restaurants. The show "Gal Sone Eats a lot in the world" follows this 22-year-old singer and competitive eater around Asian cities, where she samples the local cuisine and chats with chefs and restaurant owners.

Natsuko Sone was impressed that Macau offers a great variety of delicious food after trying a 6 course menu, 10 desserts at a French restaurant, and an 11 course menu at a Chinese restaurant at the MGM Grand Macau.

The show "Gal Sone Eats a lot in the world" was a huge success with audiences all over Japan. Therefore, season two will choose Macau as the first stop. The show is currently in production and will be broadcast on September 16 at 7 pm.

日本大食妹隨日本富士電視台到澳門幾家頂級餐廳拍攝最新一輯電視節目。 這個名為“Gal Sone Eats a lot in the world”的節目, 隨著日本22歲女歌手和美食家, 5尺4寸高的可人兒曾根菜津子(Natsuko Sone)周遊亞洲城市, 介紹她嘗試當地名菜, 並即場表演其驚人食量。

曾根菜津子當天在美高梅金殿的餐廳光是拍攝的短短數小時內共吃下11道中菜, 6道法國菜及10款甜品。 她跟採訪的記者說, 澳門有各式各樣的美食給她印象最深。

這個節目由於節目在全日本獲得好評, 第二輯以澳門為首站。 節目目前在製作中。