Monday, 25 August 2008

Jinmen Premium Club at StarWorld Hotel and Casino 澳門星際酒店金門尊尚會 (澳门星际酒店金门尊尚会)

The Jinmen Premium Club at StarWorld Hotel and Casino, which has been relocated to the 10th floor since July 2008 provides guests a world-class private facilities in an exclusive club environment. The club is cater to those who want access to private gaming facilities and exclusive privileges, which d­istinct from other premium player-based facilities in Macau. It encompasses premium facilities and services for premium players and the guests.

The entry-level minimum bet at Jinmen Premium Club is $500 and go up to $1,000. Higher minimums of $2,000 to $3,000 are available in Jinmen’s four private gaming salons at players’ request. If players want to advance to higher betting levels, Jinmen will recommend them to the 39th-floor Sky Palace Casino, which is reserved for high-end V-VIPs who are associated either with Jinmen or with the casino’s junket partners.

The type of players at Jinmen are those who want a personalized level of service above what is provided in the high-limit areas on the main gaming floor. It is a casino which provides more diverse than other premium and VIP facilities in Macau. The player market at Jinmen targets includes a mixture of high-limit players and a broader market of premium high-end international players.

星際酒店「金門」尊尚會以億元裝潢, 是為追求頂級高尚娛樂博彩的貴賓配合嶄新概念所打造的尊貴高額投注區, 加上富麗堂皇的佈置服務和設施。 尊尚會牆身, 柱壁及天花設計鋪滿金箔及銀箔, 場內擁有全亞洲最長的純銀及水晶簾。

「金門」尊尚會設於星際酒店10樓, 是全澳首個以中高檔客為對象的賭廳, 注碼最低500元。 備有多張貴賓娛樂博彩桌, 並設有百家樂、廿一點及為特別為高額投注區而設的角子機等多種博彩遊戲選擇。 「金門」尊尚會更獨家推出一系列尊享禮遇包括專享直升機, 勞斯萊斯豪華轎車接送及優先房間預訂等服務。