Saturday, 30 August 2008

The Opening of DFS Galleria’s - Shoppes at Four Seasons 全球最大精品集團LVMH旗下的DFS Galleria澳門開幕 (全球最大精品集团LVMH旗下的DFS Galleria澳门开幕)

DFS Galleria Grand Opening

DFS Galleria

Liu Ye & Sun Li - DFS Galleria Ambassador

On the 29th August, DFS Group hosted the Grand Opening of its new DFS Galleria Macau at the Shoppes at Four Seasons. Guests were joint together and treated with to a series of themed events, exhibitions, rare product viewings and an elegant private dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel. Big names attended the event included

"We wanted to provide customers with a luxury and world-class shopping experience", Ed Brennan said.

One of the boutique store Emporio Armani, which has opened a 200sq m store in the DFS Galleria on level one of the Shoppes at Four Seasons. The new store offering a complete Emporio Armani lifestyle collection for men and women including formal wear, casual wear, accessories, watches, eyewear, and jewellery collections. Emporio Armani also hosted a photographic exhibition of fashion images at the same time.

Giorgio Armani said: “Macau is one of the world’s most important business, social and international hubs with a quickly rising reputation for being style-conscious. This new Emporio Armani store therefore represents an important addition to our fast-growing network of travel retail locations.”

全球最大精品集團LVMH旗下的DFS Galleria澳門開幕, 使澳門成為全新的精品購物天堂。

DFS Galleria 進駐今年8月開幕的澳門四季酒店內, 共網羅超過110個時尚品牌。 澳門DFS Galleria位在拉斯維加斯金沙集團發展的四季酒店第一層, 分為時尚世界、奢華世界及美容世界三大區塊。 眾多世界頂級品牌和著名設計師, 為DFS獨家設計和專售限量精品更是尊貴珍稀, 值得擁有。 DFS環球免稅店更特設一個酩悅香檳酒吧(Moët et Chandon), 顧客可以在這裡暢飲頂級香檳, 享受舒適優雅休閑氣氛。 DFS環球免稅店其他設施包括世界頂級餐廳、娛樂、玩樂及消閒設施。 澳門DFS更提供太陽眼鏡、書寫工具、男士系列和其它配飾, 店內共有超過110個世界知名品牌。

DFS Galleria 服務員除了會說中文外, 還有人會講日文、韓文、俄文、西班牙文、義大利文。

DFS Galleria 營業時間: 星期日至四早上10時至晚上11時, 星期五至六早上10時至深夜12時

澳門獨有, 全球暫時只有一家Moet Bar - 選址DFS Galleria地下1122號舖, 酒吧以香檳金為主調分為3個區域, 分別是The Golden Bubble、The Lounge和The Bar & Boutique。 酒吧內可以購買只在Moet Bar有售的Be Fabulous Gold套裝($2500澳門元), 套裝包含一支香檳、4隻水晶掛杯及1個三腳腳架以及全球只有75套的Rose Imperial Jeroboam($30,000澳門元)

Pic Source : MingPao
The Lounge

The Golden Bubble

Be Fabulous Gold套裝

Rose Imperial Jeroboam