Sunday, 7 September 2008

2008 APPT Macau - 2008 APPT亞太撲克巡迴賽澳門首站 (2008 APPT亚太撲克巡迴赛澳门首站)

This year, the second season of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) - began on 1st September with an event in Macau will be held at the Grand Waldo Hotel and Casino in Macau as the first of five stops planned for the tour. The APPT event is immediately followed the Asian Poker Tour’s (APT) Macau event which held in August at the StarWorld Hotel and Casino. Timoshenko defeated on the final table on Sunday - one day prior to the start of the PokerStars APPT tournament.

"It's great for Poker in Asia that there's a major tournament like this here in Macau," said Chan. "It's attracting all of the top players in the sport, and letting the world know that there is real poker, real poker players, and that anybody can win millions of dollars."

The top champions from around the world slated to participate in the PokerStars APPT Macau event include:
-- Joe Hachem, Australia (2005 WSOP Main Event Champion)
-- Johnny Chan, Hong Kong (1987 & 1988 WSOP Main Event Champion)
-- Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, France (2008 PCA Champion)
-- Scotty Nguyen, Vietnam (2008 WSOP HORSE Champion)
-- Lee Nelson, New Zealand (2006 Aussie Millions Champion)
-- Isabelle Mercier, Canada (2004 WPT Ladies Event Champion)
-- Van Tuyet Nguyen, Vietnam (2008 WPT Celebrity Invitational
-- Barry Greenstein, USA (2008 WSOP Razz Champion)
-- Dinh Le, Vietnam (2007 APPT Macau Main Event Champion)
-- Eric Assadourian, Australia (2007 APPT Macau High Roller Event
-- Neil Arce, Philippines (2008 FPT Manila Champion)
-- Mike "Timex" McDonald, Canada (2008 EPT German Open Champion)
-- Ziv Bachar, Israel (2007 APPT Seoul Champion)
-- Grant Levy, Australia (2007 APPT Sydney Champion)
-- Mel Judah, England (2003 WPT Legends of Poker Champion)
-- Daniel "Rekrul" Schrieber, USA (2007 WSOP Heads Up Champion)
-- Men "The Master" Nguyen (2005 Player of the Year)
-- Harry "Wise Owl" Demetriou, England (2004 Victor Poker Cup
-- Anthony Rivera, USA (2008 WSOP Mixed Events Champion)
-- Isaac Galazan, USA (2005 WSOP Short-Handed Champion)

The buy-in to this Macau Main Event is $25000 (which is about $3,200 U.S. Dollars). A $150,000 High Roller tournament is also part of this APPT event in Macau, which will be held from September 7-9. The buy-in for the Main Event closes at 1:30pm local time on 1st September Wednesday afternoon and it generated over 400 entrants. Tournament officials hope to make it as one of the largest poker tournaments ever held in Asia. The total prize pool of approximately USD$1.62 million is the largest in Asian history.

Some of the notables players who were unable to survive before the final table include David Chiu, Quinn Do, John Juanda.

The 9 players who will play for the APPT final table set in the Asia Pacific Poker Tour’s Macau tournament have been determined. 9 players are all from different countries - Diwei “Bryan” Huang (1,046,000 in chips from Singapore), Eddie Sabat (1,001,000 in chips from California), Jeppe Drivsholm (863,000 in chips from Denmark), Tian Chen (768,000 in chips from Beijing), Charles Chua (617,000 in chips from Malaysia), Mikael Rosen (361,000 in chips from Sweden), Kuok Wai Will Cheong (334,000 in chips from Macau - a 28 year old local who works in the casino), Javed Abrahams (215,000 in chips from London) and So Myung Sim (118,000 in chips from Seoul).

The champion of this Macau Event will be crowned on September 9th.

Macau local Kuok Wai Will Cheong on the final table will need to accumulate more chips early if he hopes to be a hometown hero at this APPT event.

The final table payouts at the APPT Macau are as follows (in U.S. Dollars), after a grueling 12-hour final table the final nine finished as follows :
1st Place: Edward Sabat (United States) - $453,851.28
2nd Place: Charles Chua (Malaysia) - $291,761.54
3rd Place: Diwei Huang (Singapore) - $153,984.62
4th Place: Mikael Rosen (Sweden) - $108,600.00
5th Place: Jeppe Drivsholm (Denmark) - $81,044.87
6th Place: Kuok Wai Will Cheong (Macau) - $56,730.77
7th Place: Tian Chen (China) - $42,143.59
8th Place: Javed Abrahams (United Kingdom) - $30,797.44
9th Place: So Myung Sim (South Korea) - $22,692.31

Eddie Sabat has won 1st prize at APPT Macau - The 22nd years old American Edward Sabat was the youngest player ever to make the APPT Macau final table. He has survive a field of 538 players that included some of the best known names in the global game. Sabat had an excellent starting situation on the final table game, but he had to endure several ups and down, before he was able to pick up the win bonus against Charles Chua from Malaysia. Chua started into the final of the last two as chip leader and already had to concede the lead in the first hand. Before Sabat was determined as the winner, the chip lead switched several times.

The APPT Season 2 High Rollers Event in Macau has been won by Nam Le from the USA, who beat Andrew Scott to the top prize in a final table showdown and has won the first prize of approx USD$474,378.

The final standings and monies earned in US dollars (approximately) are as follows:
1st Place: Nam Le (USA) - $474,358
2st Place: Andrew Scott (Australia) - $269,230
3st Place: Quinn Do (USA) - $153,846
4st Place: Charles Chua (Malaysia) - $115,384
5st Place: David Steicke - $89,743
6st Place: Will Ma (Canada) - $64,102
7st Place: Johnny Chan (USA) - $51,282
8st Place: Zhong Wei “Ivan” Tan - $38,461
9st Place: Van sirens Marcus (Australia) - $25,641

2008APPT亞太撲克巡迴賽澳門站總決賽9月6日在金都娛樂場舉行, 經過多輪淘汰賽後, 躋身入決賽9名高手將同檯一較高下。 勝者將成為澳門站撲克巡迴賽揭幕賽的冠軍及可贏得一千萬奬金。 總決賽9月6日下午二時在金都酒店舉行, 9月7日將分曉誰力壓對手奪冠。 撲克界傳奇人物Nelson“Final Table”Lee即席為支持者在其最近出版有關撲克策略的書簽名。

第二屆APPT亞太撲克巡回賽澳門站比賽9月1日下午1:30分在澳門金都酒店正式拉開帷幕, 報名參加的人數在9月1日已經達到405人。 538名撲克選手經過連日晉級賽的角逐, 125名選手參加了第一天1A的比賽, 在給參賽的選手和場地祈福後, Johny Chan宣布比賽正式開始。 本屆巡迴賽賽次更多、奬金更高。 APPT澳門站賽事為期九天, 從9月1日至9日於金都娛樂場舉行。 主賽事為期六天, 從九月一日至六日, APPT參賽金為二萬五千元, 豪客賽為期三天從九月七日至九日, 參賽金十五萬元。 多位著名Poker選手參加澳門站巡迴賽 - 包括John Juanda, Liz Lieu, Celina Lin, Barry Greenstein。 撲克之星的總裁在9月1日新聞發布會結束之前, 宣布APPT和金都酒店將給澳門的Caritas de Macau慈善機構捐款20萬, 以幫助澳門本地慈善事業。

538位參賽者來自世界各地經過歷時三日的第一輪比賽後, 只有208位晉級第二輪, 從538位玩家中脫穎而出, 本屆APPT澳門站主賽事冠軍為22歲美國籍玩家Eddie Sabat(APPT歷來進入決戰桌上最年輕的玩家, 在上個月的PokerStars.net撲克之星LAPT拉丁美洲撲克巡迴賽巴西站賽事中贏得獎金), 並抱走獎金約合453,851美元, 本屆主賽事決戰桌底池彩金總額為約合162萬美元。 決戰桌共有9位參賽者比賽進行時間超過12小時,一番苦戰後, Sabat終於擊敗馬來西亞選手Charles Chua獲得優勝。

APPT澳門站豪客賽為期三天。 由9月7日進行至9日。 前八名玩家將獲得獎金, 參賽金約合19,200美元。 本屆APPT澳門站豪客賽賽事冠軍為美國籍玩家Nam Le, 並抱走獎金約合474,378美元。 決戰桌共有九位參賽者。