Monday, 1 September 2008

DFS Galleria prepares to open a second store at City of Dream - DFS Galleria 準備在新濠天地開設第二家澳門店 (DFS Galleria 準备在新濠天地开设第二家澳门店)

After the Grand Opening of the new DFS Galleria Macau at The Shoppes at Four Seasons, the company now is preparing to open the second store at the City of Dream - an integrated urban entertainment resort developed by Melco Crown Entertainment Limited. The DFS Galleria at City of Dreams will open during the first half of 2009 as part of the Phase One project. Spreading 85,000sq ft over two levels right onto the casino at both levels, the new store will be similar to DFS Galleria Macau. The third DFS will be open later in 2009 at Cotai Central Mall.

In addition of the DFS Galleria Macau theming of ‘Pure Luxury’ and their focus on three ‘worlds’ – Fashion, Beauty and Luxury. Michael Schriver, DFS President of the Worldwide Store Operations said the City of Dreams store will feature a younger, larger and more contemporary fashion focus. The Watches and Jewellery area within the Luxury World will aim squarely at the top end of the market. Furthermore, the DFA Galleria at City of Dreams will include two pioneering concept stores, a beauty and a watch store.

各大零售商、奢侈品牌正涌向金光大道, 在新的DFS Galleria旗下最大一家分店 - 澳門四季酒店盛大開幕之後, DFS現在正準備開設第二家澳門店在新濠天地 - 由Melco Crown娛樂開發, 毗鄰路氹金光大道。 DFS Galleria新濠天地將會作為新濠天地第一期項目的一部分, 在2009年前半年期間開幕。 商場面積85,000平方尺, 分為二層。 二層商場將直接通往賭博娛樂場, 店內劃分三個區域 - “時尚世界”、“奢華世界”及“美容世界”。 豪華世界之內將設有手錶和首飾區。 商場將包括二家概念店, 讓顧客在DFS店內能夠找到全球頂級奢華品牌。

DFS Galleria新濠天地將瞄準市場頂端, 以一個更加年輕,更大和更加時尚焦點為特色。 DFS Galleria第三家概念店將於2009年底在路氹中央商場開幕。