Thursday, 13 November 2008

Sands to temporarily halt part of the Macau expansion 金沙集團澳門賭場部分開發計畫暫時暫停 (金沙集团澳门赌场部分开发计画会暂時暂停)

Pic Source : AFP


Las Vegas Sands temporarily halted part of its huge development in Macau due to the global financial collapse. But one of the bank from mainland China would possibly extend a significant loan to Sands, and help the company to continue with their Macau projects.

"Sites 5 and 6 on the Cotai Strip will be temporarily suspended until conditions in the capital markets improve," the firm said in a statement. But the work on the other project will still on track - Four Seasons private apartments in Macau would continue. Sands would continue to seek financing. This allow the firm complete the Cotai Strip project in the next few months if the company can secures the financing.

Once the company secures the financing, it will take 9 months to complete the first phase of its current developments at Cotai Strip which include the Shangri-La and Traders Hotel and the first Sheraton Hotel tower. The project include a podium that encompasses the casino, portions of the shopping mall and approximately 100,000 square feet of meeting space.

Las Vegas Sands operates two casinos in Macau including the Venetian Macau Resort and Sands Macau. Sands' Macau properties have given the company a needed boost in the last year, accounting for almost 70 percent of its total revenues.

Macau chief executive said it would not allow casinos to go bust. The government will take over if necessary and it will not allow any casinos to shut down.

拉斯維加斯金沙集團表示, 母公司的情況不會影響澳門業務。

美國金沙集團正向亞洲銀行籌資二十億美元以完成在澳門的擴建計劃。 安德森指出,一家中國大型銀行可能另外給予金沙多達7億美元的貸款, 以完成澳門擴建計劃。

全球最大的博彩和娛樂集團拉斯維加斯金沙陷入財政困難。 多個發展項目將會暫時暫停以保留現金。 旗下澳門兩個項目包括威尼斯人第5及第6期會暫時擱置, 第5及第6期項目包括香格里拉酒店、商貿飯店以及擁有1800個房間的喜來登酒店。 規劃中原定合共擁有790張賭檯及3500部角子機的3個賭場工程亦要暫時暫停。 但是中國一家主要銀行可能會向金沙集團貸款以繼續進行在澳門興建中的項目。 如果貸款計劃成功, 香格里拉酒店、商貿飯店以及喜來登酒店第一部分將會在9個月內完成。


澳門行政長官何厚鏵說, 澳門政府表示已有預案準備隨時進場接管賭場。 不會容許任何一間博企倒閉。 金沙在澳門的主要業務看不到會面對什麼大問題, 有需要時政府會立刻進場接管, 讓繼續經營。