Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Harrah’s Entertainment unveil plans for golf lifestyle project in Macau 美國哈樂斯娛樂公司公佈澳門高爾夫球發展計劃 (美国哈乐斯娱乐公司公佈澳门高尔夫球发展计划)

Pic Source : Sina

Harrah’s Entertainment and Butch Harmon unveiled the vision for Caesars Golf Macau on 16th Dec. The plan includes the establishment of Asia’s first Butch Harmon School of Golf. Harmon has been the coach of several world #1 ranked players. The par 72 golf course development will include an expansion of the clubhouse to 32,000 square feet with a 4,000-square-foot spa, a golf lifestyle boutique, state-of-the-art meeting facilities, a clubhouse to feature high end and fine-dining restaurant operated by G&L Group. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Harrah’s Entertainment Gary Loveman told the cost was $25.8 million.

The Asia’s first Butch Harmon School of Golf in Macau will impart the teaching philosophy that began with Harmon’s father, Claude - who is the 1948 US Masters champion.

Harrah’s Entertainment underscored its commitment to diversifying the leisure attractions available in Macau. The company acquired the 175 acre Macau Orient Golf Course in September 2007. “Now we are redefining what destination golf can be right here in Macau with Caesars Golf. We look forward to working closely with the Macau government to help continue grow and diversify its tourism sector,” Gary W. Loveman added.

The company also announced that the club will be home to the ‘Macau Golf Association Junior Golf Programme at Caesars Golf Macau’. This program will provide opportunities for children to experience golf, and at the same time helping to identify, develop talented young Macanese players.

美國哈樂斯娛樂公司(Harrah's Entertainment)和著名高爾夫球教練布奇哈蒙(Butch Harmon), 12月16日天攜手公佈“凱撒高爾夫”發展計劃, 計劃包括開設亞洲首間布奇哈蒙高爾夫學校, 及改造現有的高爾夫球場。 合力打造五星級高爾夫休閒勝地。 重點包括重新設計及改建現有的72標準桿球場, 並擴建3萬2千平方呎設施會所, 配備4千平方呎水療, 2千5百平方呎高爾夫購物店, 會議及獨一無二的VIP娛樂套房設施。 會所還將設有由怡柱集團經營高級餐廳。

哈蒙在其教練生涯中曾指導多位世界第一的球手, 更獲投票選為年度最佳的高爾夫球教練。 哈樂斯也承諾與澳門高爾夫球總會合作, 為17歲以下有潛質的澳門青少年, 免費提供高爾夫球訓練場地。

哈樂斯娛樂公司2007年9月, 以170億澳門元購入澳門東方高爾夫球度假村。