Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Macau ranks 21st freest economy in the world 澳門經濟自由度全球排21 (澳门经济自由度全球排21)

According to Heritage Foundation’s 2009 Report, Macau appeared for the first time in the Index of Economic Freedom for 2009. This year Macau was ranked 21st out of a total of 179 countries and territories. Macau scored 72 percent and ranked 6th followed by Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Japan in the Asia-Pacific region. The report classified Macau as a region with "relative freedom".

The index measures economic freedom within 10 specific categories, Macau achieved its high scores in the categories of government, freedom of trade, monetary freedom, investment and financial freedom. According to the foundation, Macau has an open and dynamic free market economic system which has high levels of effectiveness and modern in operational terms. It also noted that whilst foreign investors and local traders carrying out their business, they can enjoy the same conditions.

美國公共政策研究機構 - 傳統基金會和《華爾街日報》公佈2009年“全球經濟自由度指數”報告首次將澳門列入調查範圍, 澳門首次登榜位列21。 澳門在全球179個經濟體中排名第21位, 亞太地區則位列第6位, 經評審後得分為72分, 屬於“較為自由”級別。 亞太地區澳門排名僅次於香港, 新加坡, 澳洲, 新西蘭及日本。

澳門被上榜原因反映澳門經濟對外開放, 關稅自由, 對外信息交往越來越緊密, 透明度越來越高。 報告宣稱澳門是一個開放和充滿活力的自由市場經濟體, 整體營商環境效率高。 外國投資者與本地商界人士從事業務均具有同等待遇。 澳門排名較高的領域包括有政府規模, 貿易自由度, 貨幣自由度, 投資自由度和金融自由度等。