Tuesday, 3 February 2009

BMW expand in Macau business 寶馬汽車拓展澳門業務 (宝马汽车拓展澳门业务)

BMW Concessionaires will introduce a new business arm next year in Macau, as part of the $11million expansion offering performance modifications to vehicles and fast lane servicing.

The car dealership spent $10million on refurbishing its premises in 2008. In the coming months the company will spend an additional $1million introducing BMW Performance and fast lane servicing for BMW and Mini owners. Car lovers will be able to book their vehicles into BMW Performance to undergo a host of enhancements and modifications covering everything from engine to suspension and exhaust.

BMW Concessionaires general manager said sales at the Macau dealership had doubled since 2003, thanks to the city's booming economy and the excellent growth in Macau's new car market over the past few years.

BMW Concessionaires opened in Macau in 1993, started selling Minis in 2002 and then added Rolls-Royce in 2005. Cars range in price from MOP$250,000 patacas to more than MOP$6 million. BMW Concessionaires is the only car importer in Macau that offers sales, service and spare parts in one location.

寶馬汽車(澳門)有限公司, 將於明年在澳門引入總價值達1100萬元汽車性能改裝的新業務項目, 以及快速通道服務項目。

寶馬汽車(澳門)有限公司於2008年花費了100萬元整修庫房, 在未來幾個月內將再花費100萬元為寶馬和Mini的用戶引入BMW Performance和快速通道服務。 用戶將可以通過BMW Performance訂購他們的車輛。 車輛可以增強性能或改裝, 包括從發動機到汽車懸架, 再到排氣管的所有部件。

寶馬汽車(澳門)有限公司稱, 由於澳門經濟迅速發展, 寶馬汽車(澳門)有限公司的銷售額自2003年以來已經翻了一番。 寶馬汽車(澳門)有限公司於1993年開業, 於2002年開始銷售Mini汽車, 2005年開始銷售勞斯萊斯。 汽車的價格從25萬澳門元到600多萬澳門元不等。 寶馬汽車(澳門)有限公司是澳門唯一一家汽車進口商在同一個店面提供銷售, 服務與備件。