Monday, 23 February 2009

Kundalini & Workshops with Nam Nidhan from Chile

Event Date: Saturday, 28 February 2009 - Sunday, 8 March 2009
Price: MOP$150 to $1,100
Organizer: YOGA WORLD Macau & Taipa
Venue: YOGA WORLD Taipa, 301 – 309 Avenida Olimpica, Flower City - Edificio Peonia, Ground & First Floor
Phone: 28841338

About Nam Nidhan
Nam Nidhan - who has been teaching for 14 years in all Latin America and Spain, training hundreds of teachers and sharing the values of the new global community. She is the Founder of "Woman of Light" a Foundation for helping women around the world to live with self value and dignity, the basic elements for rising the consciousness of our planet. Nam Nidhan Kaur is also the Founder of Narayan Yoga School in Santiago, Chile, since 1998.

* The Ocean of Life (16 Hours)
Feb. 28th & March 1st
Awakening your true being through the Science of Kundalini Yoga
Including: True Self, True Peace - The Ten spiritual Bodies of Consciousness - The 5 obstacles of Consciousness: a trip trough your elements.
$1,100 / Early Bird $800

* The Nature of Fear and Love (2.5 Hours)
March 2nd
$220 / Early Bird $180

* Learning to be a Human Being (2.5 Hours)
March 2nd
$220 / Early Bird $180

* The Five sutras for modern times (2.5 Hours)
March 6th
$220 / Early Bird $180

* Women of Light (16 Hours)
March 7th & March 8th
This healing workshop is focused in awakening women to their true hidden identity. Participants will discover meditations and yoga for women to help them reach a state of self worth and deep self-love.
$1,100 / Early Bird $800