Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Swiss watch manufactuer 'Century' open its first luxury boutique in Macau 瑞士頂級珠寶鐘表品牌Century澳門店開業 (瑞士顶级珠宝钟表品牌Century澳门店开业)

Century - the manufacturer of watches and sapphire jewellery, has opened its first store in China at the luxurious Venetian Macau Grand Canal Shopping Complex. This is the third 'Century' store opened in the world.

The official inauguration had welcomed more than 200 prestigious guests, including the famous Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen and Taiwanese top model Pace Wu. Both were able to discover the firm’s latest creations during a fashion show followed by a dinner.

瑞士頂級珠寶鐘表品牌 - Century中國首家專賣店, 日前在澳門威尼斯人酒店正式開業。 Century作為瑞士一家至今堅持獨立的傳統家族鐘表企業, 其全球首創的將鐘表與完美結合的藍寶石腕表至今仍是時尚人士多鐘愛的頂級名表。 Century制造的鐘表均採用如藍寶石、鑽石、鉑金、黃金、貝母石、天然漆、精鋼和皮革等上乘優質的物料制造。 目前Century品牌主要由Master Imperial, Precious Elegance, Contemporary Timepiece, Esquire Collection四個鐘表系列以及Temptation Collection這個珠寶首飾的專屬系列組成。

澳門開設的Century是亞洲第3家專賣店。 首家專賣店於2000年開設於東京銀座, 第二間專賣店於2005年開設於科威特地區的Salmya。