Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Macau Government launches tender for fourth 3G mobile phone license 澳門將發第四張3G牌 (澳门将发第四张3G牌)

The Macau government announced it had launched a tender for a fourth third generation (3G) mobile telephone services license. The proposals are due to be opened on 4 May, followed by a maximum period of 6 months until the Government’s final decision is made.

Macau currently has 915,000 mobile phones and 220,000 3G mobile telephone subscribers, it has one of the highest usage rate in the world. Third generation (3G) mobile telephones account for some 25 percent of total subscribers, which is the reason why the Government “believes that there is still room for licences.

Macau’s Companhia de Telecomunicações (CTM), Hutchison and China Telecom are the three current 3G operators.

澳門政府將在今年6月5日發出最後一張, 第四張3G牌照, 為期8年。 牌照可續期8年。

電信管理局評標時將以投標人是否具備從事電信業經驗, 是否能提供最新及最精良系統和投資承諾, 以及及財政狀況等標準, 作為優先考慮條件, 澳門特區政府電信管理局將於5月4日對競投的標書開標。 3家現有的3G牌營運商將不得參與競投。