Thursday, 30 April 2009

Archaic Chinese Arts moves to Shoppes at Four Seasons 雅文古美術展覽館遷至四季酒店 (雅文古美术展览馆迁至四季酒店)

Archaic Chinese Arts has move its location from the Landmark Hotel in Macau to the Shoppes at Four Seasons. The new Archaic Chinese Arts gallery at The Shoppes at Four Seasons will house more than twenty pieces of bronze, gold, silver, jade, potteries and other works of art displayed in the gallery. Most bronze exhibits were made in the period of late Shang dynasty and Western Zhou.

Archaic Chinese Arts was first founded in early 2004. The founder Mr. Chi Kai Lai is a well-known collector with nearly 30 years of rich experience in collections and owns more than a hundred fine collections.

雅文古美術展覽館遷至四季酒店, 並於四月二十七日正式開業。 館內展示了二十多件金、銀、銅、玉、瓷器文物, 其中多件是晚商時期青銅器。 雅文古美術展覽館希望在這個聚集了澳門最多世界名店、名牌商品酒店商場, 向市民及來自世界各地的遊客展示中華悠久的文明及文化。 將雅文古美術展館喬遷至此目的有利於本澳收藏家和文物愛好者溝通, 及向來自世界各地的遊客展示中華悠久的文明及文化。

雅文古美術展覽館原設於置地廣場地下, 隨著市民生活水準和文化素質不斷提高, 歷來為文人雅士所喜愛的古玩、字畫等藏品, 越來越多地走進尋常市民家。