Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Construction of Ocean World in Hengqin island to start in December 橫琴島將於今年12月建設海洋世界 (横琴岛将於今年12月建设海洋世界)

The construction of a 143-hectare Ocean World in Hengqin island is due to begin this December after passed its preliminary environmental impact assessment. Preparation work is under way for a more detailed environmental study before construction start off. The project is expected to be completed in 2012.

The largest Ocean World in Asia will consist of an ocean circus, night safari, conventional centre, hotels and residential buildings. It will apparently be developed in several phases.

A Zhuhai Chime-Long investment company plans to invest up to US$430 million in the park. Chime-Long Group is a theme park conglomerate, which headquarter based in Guangzhou's Panyu district.

毗鄰澳門的珠海橫琴島143公頃海洋世界項目通過初步環境影響評估之后, 將於今年12月開始建設。 珠海長隆海洋世界將是亞洲最大的海洋樂園。 建設地點為珠海橫琴富祥灣, 公園內包括海洋主題樂園, 國際海洋世界, 戶外休閑娛樂設施等。 此項目將分若干階段開發。 首期工程總佔地面積為143萬平方米, 總建築面積120.45萬平方米。

為了開展更詳細的環境研究, 項目啟動之前正在進行一些准備工作。 此項目有望於2012年之前竣工。 珠海長隆投資發展有限公司計劃投資4.3億美元。

海洋世界的整個項目總佔地達五平方公里, 擬建成亞洲最大的集會展、遊樂、酒店度假等於一體的綜合性海洋樂園。