Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Jacky Cheung donates memorabilia to Hard Rock 張學友捐心愛木結他澳門展出 (张学友捐心爱木结他澳门展出)


Pic Source : takungpao

Hong Kong pop star Jacky Cheung, donated a guitar and two outfits sequined sweaters, one of which came with a white bow tie to the upcoming Hard Rock Hotel Macau. The inclusion of Cheung's guitar and clothes in the memorabilia collection reflects the Hard Rock Hotel's desire to appeal to a broader Asian market. The 300-room Hard Rock Hotel Macau, will be part of the City of Dreams casino-hotel complex scheduled to open in June this year.

Jacky Cheung becoming the first ethnic Chinese musician to contribute items to the Hard Rock memorabilia collection. He is one of the biggest acts in the idol-driven Chinese language pop scene.

「Hard Rock珍藏品系列」展品將於六月開幕的澳門Hard Rock酒店內展出, 以往都是邀請外籍紅星捐出收藏品展覽。 但這次就邀請了張學友捐收藏品展覽。 他將捐出包括他在1999年完成“友個人世界巡迴演唱會”時所用的結他, 和2007至2008年“學友光年世界巡迴演唱會”時着過的兩套珠片表演服, 及金屬鏈圍巾。 張學友表示他最鍾情那支木結他, 因為他創作的九成歌曲是借助這支木結他創作的, 很多靈感也來源於這支木結他。

Hard Rock珍藏品系列一直被視為世界上最高價值的收藏品之一。 不少世界級頂尖音樂人的珍藏品, 透過捐獻及拍賣等形式先後成為Hard Rock珍藏品系列, 至今收藏在各地Hard Rock酒店的巨星音樂珍藏超過七萬件。