Sunday, 26 April 2009

Macau Fringe Festival 2009 - 澳門藝穗節 2009 (澳门艺穗节 2009)

The annual Macau Fringe Festival, is especially popular with the young and the art community, by gathering local and international performers artistic groups and individuals together in a fusion of art and environment. The festival is to encourage people to bring initiative, creativity and vitality.

The first Macau Fringe Festival was held in 1999.

澳門藝穗節已踏入第10年, 今年藝穗節有來自葡國及澳門等地區的多個演藝團體舉行多場戲劇, 舞蹈及音樂會。 從中對澳門社會發展及社區文化有更深入的認識。

藝穗節(Fringe Festival)在世界強調文化藝術發展各國家均十分盛行。

Video of the Fringe Parade