Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Preliminary plan for University of Macau Hengqin Campus 澳門大學珠海橫琴建新校區 (澳门大学珠海横琴建新校区)

The University of Macau was presenting the preliminary conception of the establishment of a new campus in Hengqing Island, to the Legislative Assembly and representatives of the Chinese Educators Association of Macau, the Union of Catholic Schools of Macau, as well as principals and teachers of secondary schools.

The university also officially released a statement to express that Hengqin Island is an “ideal” place for a new campus, to cope with its development plan mentioned in the university's 10-Year Development Strategy established in January 2007. University of Macau was setting a goal of expansion to accommodate 10,000 students.

The new campus with the planned location on the eastern coast of the Hengqin Island will occupies an area of 1.0 to 1.4 square km. This will bring benefits for the long term development of the institution. The campus can cater for 6 to 9 faculties, 8 to 10 residential colleges, 2 to 4 open scientific research bases thus offering an excellent academic environment and increased research facilities to the staff and students.

University of Macau proposes to keep the present campus, this is to maintain the existing close ties between the university and the larger community.

澳門大學預計在珠海橫琴島東部落實建新校區。 澳門大學校董會表示, 澳大新校區預計將在與澳門一水之隔的珠海橫琴島東部, 橫琴校區的土地面積約一至一點四平方公里, 預計建築面積約100萬平方米, 是澳大現址的20倍。

澳大希望在校園管理方面最大程度「澳門化」, 例如信息自由, 初步構想是可使用澳門或珠海的網絡。

橫琴校園將設置六到九個學院, 以達致澳門大學最終規劃規模為一萬五千人的目標。 澳大強調希望擴建後的澳門大學, 能成為澳門人首選的大學, 也能成為大中華區學生和家長首選的大學之一。