Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bally - Busy B limited edition exclusively in selected DFS stores worldwide - Bally Busy B系列包袋

Bally is introducing its new Summer collection signature print Busy B for the selected 13 DFS Group stores, this includes the DFS Shoppes at Four Seasons here in Macau. The Busy B is created by the brand Creative Director Brian Atwood.

The limited-edition shopper-totes and heart-shaped coin purses will be available from June 2009. Only 500 pieces of each pink and blue bag will be available and only 150 coin purses in each colour will be offered.

The shapes, colours and textures of this season’s Busy B collection have been updated. The Bally Busy-B pattern was re-interpreted so that the print is created through texture. It has a new gold bijoux signature B, in celebration of the brand heritage. The patent leather is heat-stamped in stages, to create texture graduating from matt to shiny.

Bally為您精彩呈現其標志性的字母B印花系列 - "Busy B", 在Bally創意總監Brian Atwood的帶領下, 這一系列從外觀、顏色到材質均有突破性革新, 展現出一種全新的時尚魅力。 配合全新的金色寶石字母B, 呈現出品牌煥然一新的年輕風貌。