Wednesday, 6 May 2009

SmarTone - only bidder for Macau's fourth 3G licence 數碼通獨投澳門3G第四個牌 (数码通独投澳门3G第四个牌)

After Macau Telecommunications Regulation Bureau (DSRT) launched a tender for the fourth 3G mobile licence, Hong Kong-based cellco SmarTone became the sole bidder for this final 3G mobile licence. The result will announce whether SmarTone’s bid has been accepted at the end of August.

The DSRT also believes that this move would bring in ‘positive competition’ to the market, which could possibly lead to a reduction in service charges. SmarTone said the company is ‘ready to provide new and innovative services’.

There are over 230,000 3G service users representing over a quarter of the Macau subscription market. The number of subscribers signing up for 3G services are increasing 10,000 customers every month, which represents a penetration rate of more than 40% of the mobile market.

數碼通流動通訊有限公司提交唯一一份競投澳門第四張3G運營牌照的標書。 電信管理局長陶永強表示, 數碼通流動通訊澳門有限公司所提交的標書所要求的要件具備, 獲澳門電信管理局接納。 計八月底之前評標委員會可完成分析標書。 標書將由評標委員會分析。 陶永強表示雖然只有一份競投標書, 但更應重視標書的內容及其對未來澳門3G市場產生的影響。

澳門電信管理局局方表示, 由於只有一份標書, 相信會很快有結果。 數碼通表示正在準備網絡構建的工作, 未來幾年將陸續投資八億元, 爭取儘快向用戶提供服務。 相信現有十多萬2G用戶會在牌照到期前完成轉網。