Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The 9th Macau Lotus Festival 第九屆澳門荷花節 (第九届澳门荷花节)

The Macau Lotus Festival has been staged in June of each year. This year, the 9th anniversary is approaching with a series of events. The festival will be stage from 10th June until the 28th June.

Besides the major exhibition area of the Taipa Houses-Museum, pots of lotus flower will be displayed at major parks, urban green belts, as well as in tourist and sightseeing spots throughout Macau. A series of cultural and recreational activities will be held to evoke a new cultural experience. This includes a painting exhibition, a photography exhibition, a lotus flower arrangement competition, etc.

澳門每年六月份均舉辦“澳門荷花節”, 本年度第九屆澳門荷花節於龍環葡韻揭幕, 展期將於6月10日至6月28日舉行。 主要展場設於氹仔龍環葡韻及舊城區。 除主要場地, 盧廉若公園、紀念孫中山公園、花城公園、塔石廣場部分道路綠化帶及圓形地、主要名勝及旅遊點等也會擺設栽培超過8000盆, 30多個品種的荷花。

為配合荷花展, 荷花花藝比賽已於前日在塔石廣場舉行。 此外亦會舉辦一系列文娛活動包括畫展、攝影展、荷文化圖文展、賞荷生態遊、萬壽荷花宴、荷花種植示範活動、荷花飲食文化展覽、花藝展覽等。