Friday, 5 June 2009

Leo Ku Kui-kei‘s Saxophone Featured in Hard Rock Memorabilia 香港流行歌星古巨基捐贈Saxophone於Hard Rock珍藏品系列 (香港流行歌星古巨基捐赠Saxophone於Hard Rock珍藏品系列)

Pic Source : City of Dreams

Hong Kong pop star Leo Ku Kui-kei today made a special appearance at City of Dreams on the 5th June, to celebrate his contract signing ceremony with Emperor Entertainment Group (‘EEG’). The signing ceremony was attended by the EEG pop stars.

Mr. Ku donated his saxophone to Hard Rock Hotel at City of Dreams, the saxophone had been his companion in developing many of his numerous albums and performances throughout his entertainment career.

“I am so thrilled to celebrate my contract signing with EEG at Macau’s newest leisure entertainment destination, City of Dreams” Leo Ku Kui-kei said. “Being featured in Hard Rock’s Memorabilia Collection is a significant recognition of an artist’s achievements. I would like to take this opportunity to thank EEG and Hard Rock Hotel in Macau for this honor.”

新濠天地隆重宣布, 香港流行歌星古巨基特別亮相於新濠天地, 慶祝其登基加盟英皇娛樂集團(‘英皇娛樂’)簽約儀式, 到場支持此簽約盛典的嘉賓陣容頂盛。

在簽約儀式上, 古巨基即席將其色士風, 捐贈予新濠天地Hard Rock酒店珍藏品捐贈系列。 這把色士風象徵著其音樂成長歷程, 陪伴他走過多個錄音室灌錄唱片, 亦在其多次音樂演藝表演中, 多次擔任重要的角色。

古巨基表示:「今次能夠在澳門新濠天地這個最嶄新的休閒娛樂勝地慶祝本人與英皇娛樂的簽約儀式, 實在感到非常興奮。 Hard Rock珍藏品系列標誌著藝人的成就, 我想籍此機會感謝英皇娛樂及澳門Hard Rock酒店令本人獲得這項殊榮。」