Saturday, 27 June 2009

Macau granted jurisdiction over UM new campus on Hengqin Island 澳門將管轄橫琴島澳門大學新校區 (澳门将管辖横琴岛澳门大学新校区)

Macau SAR was authorised to have jurisdiction over the new campus of the University of Macau (UM) on Hengqin Island. This means Macau will exercise jurisdiction over the new campus zone according to the laws of the Macau SAR. The new campus will offer an appropriate academic environment and advanced teaching and research facilities, thereby developing UM into a world-class university.

The UM University Council and University Assembly had been in dialogue with the Government, about the feasibility of setting up a campus on Hengqin Island two years ago. The new campus is expected to complete within three years. The plot of land would be rented to Macau until 19th December, 2049.

The whole campus will cover an area of 1.0926 square km, about 20 times larger than the current campus. A tunnel will be built under the channel to enable 24-hour commuting between the Hengqin campus and the current campus in Macau. People entering or leaving the campus will not be subjected to border control.

Once the new campus is done, the current campus will be serve for educational, academic, cultural, recreational and sports activities that are relevant to the Macau community.

澳門政府將管轄設於珠海市橫琴島其中一部份 - 澳門大學新校區。 新校園將提供適當的學術環境和教研硬件, 全力打造成國際化的一流大學。

新校區與澳門隔水相望, 位於橫琴口岸以南。 面積比現有校園大20倍左右, 約佔地1平方公里, 可容納最少一萬名學生。 澳門以租賃方式取得土地使用權, 期限至2049年12月19日。 日後可以續期。

澳門大學校宣佈, 新校區會用三年時間建成, 屆時有一條24小時全天候運作隧道連接澳門與橫琴校園。 師生、職員、澳門居民及訪客進出校園時毋須辦理邊檢手續。 新校區將分階段有序遷入, 原校址將繼續用作從事與澳門社區有密切聯繫的教學、科研等活動。