Monday, 22 June 2009

New Romania Chamber of Commerce established in Macau 澳門羅馬尼亞商會成立 (澳门罗马尼亚商会成立)

The formal establishment of the first ever Romania Chamber of Commerce took place in Macau. The formation of the Chamber and vision is to work for increased business cooperation between Romania and Macau, a clear evidence of the will from both sides to further increase the already well established business relations.

The Chamber of Commerce of Romania will be set up to further promote co-operation in investment and trade between Romania and Macau.

澳門羅馬尼亞商會正式成立。 商會主席崔世昌表示, 商會的宗旨是推廣澳門與羅馬尼亞間的貿易及投資領域的合作, 旨在進一步推動兩地文化交流, 並希望澳門作為內地與羅馬尼亞的商業平台加強兩地交流。