Friday, 3 July 2009

Kiang Wu Hospital Advanced specialist medical complex 鏡湖醫院專科醫療大樓 (镜湖医院专科医疗大楼)

The new 17-storey Kiang Wu Hospital's specialist medical building is expected to operate in August this year 2009. It will provide 156 sickbeds, out-patient services and also keyhole surgeries. The out-patient services and part of the sickbeds being the first to open to the public.

The new Dr. Henry Y.T. Fok Specialist Medical Center will occupy about 27,000 square metre floor area. The building has two carparks located on the basement, while the ground floor houses the reception, pharmacy and a coffee shop.

Out-patients services will operate from level 1 to level 6 with various kinds of specialist services, such as LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) surgery, anti ageing, health management, orthopedic and rehabilitation, urology and men's health, cosmetic surgery as well as a laparoscopic or keyhole surgery and an endoscopy centre. Level 7 is reserved for future specialist medical services expansion. The in-patient wards will be on levels 8 to 13, with a total of 156 sickbeds will be provided. An auditorium, conference room and a laparoscopic training centre are to be located on the 14th floor.

The hospital is aimed to make use of the advanced teaching and training facilities, to foster professionalism of Macau's specialist medical services.

鏡湖醫院霍英東博士專科醫療大樓, 是一座擁有世界先進設備的綜合性醫療大樓。 醫療大樓將於2009年8月3日正式運作, 樓高17層, 建築面積超過28000平方米。

專科大樓一至六樓設多個醫療中心, 包括內外科、牙科、骨科、視力矯正、美容整形外科中心、腫瘤治療中心等。 七樓以上是住院部, 包括高級雙人套房、私家套房、特級套房(VIP套房)、尊貴套房(VVIP套房), 提供約150個床位, 其中特級及尊貴套房更採用家居式設計。 頂層則是微創外科訓練中心、演講廳及會議室。