Friday, 24 July 2009

Solar Eclipse in Macau 澳門世紀日蝕全過程 (澳门世纪日蚀全过程)

The longest solar eclipse in the history is watch by many in Macau, with hundreds of people gathered together at the Taipa Natural Park and the Macau University of Science and Technology campus to witness this eclipse. Several activities and a workshop were also took place at the same time, including the opportunity for the public to view the eclipse with telescopes equipped with a safe filtering system, under the guidance of the Meteorological Bureau.

The weather was mainly fine during the eclipse and it was visible for a long period from many places in Macau.

本世紀歷時最長的日蝕7月22日早上出現, 氣象局等政府部門在大潭山舉行的“世紀日蝕觀天活動”。 在現場設有專區放置六支專業天文望遠鏡, 兩台太陽投影儀供市民欣賞百年難得一見的日蝕。 不少居民亦分別到科技大學前地, 主教山, 大水塘, 大三巴等空曠地方向東面欣賞日蝕。

Pic Source : fishbone