Monday, 10 August 2009

Michael Jackson flash mob dance tribute in Macau 澳門樂迷向流行樂天王米高積遜致敬 (澳门乐迷向流行乐天王米高积逊致敬)

A group of Michael Jackson fans in Macau paid tribute to the late American pop legend on Sunday 9th August by staging flash mob performances of his dance moves. The event began with fans started dancing to the music of "Beat It" at the Ruins of St. Paul's. It was attracted by hundreds of spectators in the crowd. The group of fans then move to four different other locations and staged the flash mobs.

The idea of dance tribute was first came up in Sweden.

Meanwhile, fans of Michael Jackson can pay a visit at the Hard Rock Hotel Memorabilia inside Macau's City of Dreams. The King of Pop’s gem-studded glove and boots are on display with other different celebrities items.

流行樂天王米高積遜突然離世, 全球各地的樂迷分別舉行了不同形式的悼念活動。 澳門的MJ迷也在8月9日來跳一下'Beat It'懷念米高積遜。 表演吸引了逾百人欣賞, 場面非常熱鬧。 跳舞表演更在澳門著名景點大三巴牌坊, 玫瑰堂等地方進行。

懷念米高積遜的方法除了跳舞外, 歌迷還可以到澳門Hard Rock酒店看到米高積遜曾經配戴過的金手套, 這隻鑲滿鑽石並有親筆簽名的手套, 聯同一雙黑色鑲石尖頭皮鞋, 都放在Hard Rock酒店的娛樂場內展覽。

Michael Jackson's glove and boots