Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Dayo Wong Chi Wah Stand-up Comedy at Venetian Macau 黃子華棟篤笑2009澳門威尼斯人站 - 《嘩眾取寵》 (黄子华栋笃笑2009澳门威尼斯人站 - 《哗众取宠》)


One of Hong Kong’s wittiest stand-up comedians and actors on television today. Dayo Wong will always be best remembered for his role in “War of Genders” opposite Carol Cheng, which was one of TVB’s most successful and longest running productions in 2000.

Now he is back on screen once again in a hilarious series called “You’re Hired”, this time with Charmaine Sheh. His performance in Macau promises to be highly entertaining and guaranteed to leave his audience in stitches.

Date : Saturday, 3rd October 2009

Time : 8pm

Venue : CotaiArena™

Ticket Price : MOP$480, MOP$380, MOP$280, MOP$180

Language : Chinese

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貴為當今香港最炙手可熱的棟篤笑藝人及電視演員, 黃子華其獨特幽默的表演方式一直深受廣大觀眾喜愛。 於2000年他與鄭裕玲合演的處境喜劇《男親女愛》曾創下香港最高劇集收視紀錄。

今年黃子華再度回歸電視螢幕前, 在熱播新劇《絕代商驕》中伙拍無綫電視當家花旦佘詩曼, 以其機智搞笑的螢幕形象再一次征服觀眾。 黃子華這次於澳門的棟篤笑演出將貫徹其高水準、高娛樂性、高笑點的特色,務求讓所有觀眾禁不住捧腹大笑!

日期 : 10月3日星期六

時間 : 晚上 8 時正

地點 : 威尼斯人綜合館

價格 : 澳門幣$480, $380, $280, $180

語言 : 中文

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