Sunday, 20 September 2009

F Entertainment launch party


Europes number one DJ Team - DJ Man and MC Dave Jam, will be coming to Macau on the 2nd October to The View at the Sands Hotel, to celebrate the launch party of F Entertainment.

The event will be held on the 24th Floor of the Sands. It provides a breathtaking backdrop for what will be the most exclusive event Macau has ever seen.

Time: Friday Night, 2nd October
Location : The View, 24th Floor, Sands Macau Hotel Tower
DJ Show Time : 10pm
Pricing : MOP$200

歐洲最好的DJ組合 - DJ Man和MC Dave Jam將會於10月2日來澳門, 參與慶祝F Entertainment於澳門金沙酒店御景台舉行之開幕典禮。 一眾模特兒、舞蹈員將一同參與是次慶祝活動!

日期: 10月2日
時間: 晚上10時
地點: 御景台, 澳門金沙酒店大樓24樓
票價: 澳門幣$200元